Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Aalok Jain

Feb 1988: Yeah thats right to May 1988 worked for a miniscule scientific isntruments co as Sales Engineer selling things to many research institutes across North India, got fed up early with continuos travelling, well this was at Delhi.

June 1988 to Oct 1990: Worked as production engineer in airconditoning field on a paltry salary of Rs 1200/- PM, and at the time of leaving I was working as Sr Engineer with 3000/- PM and in between struggled to start our own factory with Himanshu Jain and somehow due to bad finances we closed down, I had to repay loans taken over next couple of years, I am sure it must have been same with Himanshu, though we never ever discussed that in our life, I am sure we would have succeeded if we were not so gareeb.

Oct 1990 to May 1996: Started as Trainee Engineer with a co at Delhi and got promoted same day as Sr Engineer (what is the secret ....) and transferred to Ahmedabad and worked well during the period to finally rise upto Dvisional Manager - West Zone. This co was in airconditioning and building construction and did well in both fields, and during this period met my future wife and after lots of family discussions finally got married in Nov 1992 and I was blessed with my son in 1993 end.

But pareshan aatma ek jagah nahi rah sakta tha, so moved off.

This time from June 1996 to Sept 1996 at Dubai: For an American Giant in airconditioning, well quit the job due to ...

And came to Mumbai from Oct 1996 to Jan 1999 at Mumbai: Again in airconditioning with Blue Star ltd as Regional Manager Construction and National Accounts manager and Regional Traning Manager - was doing well but somehow felt that there is too much ...., for the first time after working for 10 years.

And again moved from Jan 1999 to Sept 2000 with Carrier India: As Regional Service and Training Manager, enjoyed this job too, worked as teacher for this duration and must say I have apptitude for teaching, I was a certified teacher on airconditoning, certified by carrier USA. But woh kahte hain na pair main chakkar tha, so decided to move back to Dubai, to earn some dough.

Oct 2000 to Oct 2006: Ji haan I can work for long duration too hahaahaha, here I was at Dubai working for a local co as Sales & Design Manager, enjoyed working, but fell sick early last year, was on almost death bed at Pune from Jan to April 2006, and felt that I cant take the pressure of this high pressure job any more and decided to move on to a comparatively low pressure job (but thats not so hahaha). Meanwhile my wife and son had decided to shift to india in 2005, as my son Aakash was not so happy with education here. He is in class 9th now and taller than his mom and I am sure very shortly he will be taller than me.

Since Nov 2006 working with Sharjah Ruler: In one of their co as Head of Design and estimation, Project sales and installation. Initially I was supposed to do something else, but due to circumstances, again into high pressure situation.

I have an interest in teaching or engineering consultant in airconditioning. I have realised that I have potential for teaching, so may be, and guys I am still same, same low tempered guy, dont still mix up with people (hahahah I have not stopped telling lies, but except for this line all others are facts).

Well guys to be honest since I am living alone at Dubai these days I really needed touch of my old dear friends, cause I hardly made any new ones in last 20 years.

And also I take this oppurtunity to say Sorry to all my friends, I know I must have done loads of pranks during college life, but then if I didnt do, would u guys have remembered me? Do u people recall those simple padaku guys we used to have with us? am sure not.

Khair while writing all the above things, I lived lots of past moments.

Since I left Jodhpur I had met some of us at different stages of life over the period of time, well let me recall:

1. Deepak Jain
2. Sandeep Mathur
3. Rajiv Singh
4. Rajiv Parekh
5. Nitin Gupta
6. Himanshu Jain
7. Malay Tandon - at Pune but couldnt meet him in ages
8. Manoj Mathur - we keep meeting
9. Harish Dharnia
10. Sunil Gupta - Railways wala
11. Mukesh Tibrewal
12. Praveen Dhar - ab woh Praveen Sharma ho gaya hai
13. Praveen Bhandari - met him more than 15 ears back or so at Delhi railways station
14. Deepak Diwedi - ek din Mumbai airport par mil gaya
15. Professor Hemendra Arya
16. Kamaldeep Singh
17. Rajiv Saxena
18. Naveen Pilania
19. Pramod Karnawat
20. Rajesh Seth - at the time he was working at Ahmedabad
21. Ramesh Joshi
22. Rishi Shrivastava - we were together for a long time at Ahemdabad
23. Ramesh Awtani
24. Sudhir Soni

Someone told me once that Sanjay Gandotra is also at Dubai. Does anyone have his contact?

I am sure kafi bore kar diya maine, but am sure u guys will agree that I was in flow of emotions.

Love u all.


aalok said...

llyod bhai ne ek sawal kiya hai, how i got promoted from Trainee Engineer to sr Engineer in one day in one of my jobs. dil tham kar sunlo iske liye bhi MBM is responsible, well my would be boss from ahmedabad was also MBM gradutae in mechanical engineering and off course like us he rated MBM grads highly and recommended me to be promoted.

secondly llyod bhai ne mere sorry likhne ko highlight kiya hai, can i know comments??

Beni said...

Hi Aalok,

How r u ? Hope you may recognise me, I'm also PET-1 batch passed out in 87, please send me mail at