Sunday, June 17, 2007

Wake Up Call TAJ MAHAL

"Namaste, Walekum salaam and Sat Sri Akal" Folks,

OK now time to break silence after a week or two. I was very-2 busy with my work because my boss promised me to chain me with my office chair if I do not complete work for new product before my vacation (Finally, sher ko sawa ser mila added by "Lloyd"). Fortunately I could break free and finished it before my 7 weeks vacations to India.

I never waited for anything so much in my life as I am waiting for this holiday. Long deserved vacation after 6 years.

After breaking free, the first thing which caught my eyes was a small article (see the link at the end of the email) complaining that Taj Mahal is lagging behind in voting because of lack of awareness among the people and neutrality on the part of government.

No time to complaint. It is a bad habit. Just go out and do your bid. But question is why I should get involved? How I am benefited?

Well! over last six year I realised that we never do image building. So people see us as a country of weaks and poors. (That is why we are discriminated against). We simply do not care about our image. In modern new world you have to build image (True image, of course!). I believe in positive racism. My race is Indian and it is my identity. I will carry it with me even after I die. If my children decide to put a plak on my place of cremation, I would like it to read "Amitabh Chowdhary (The Die hard Indian!). Nothing more or nothing less.

So I do not want it (my race) to be seen coming from a weak or poor race, who do not have even a wonder in their land. It is simply not true! We are not weak or poor. We are a country of 300 million strong middle class. So WHY THE HELL ON EARTH WE ARE LAGGING BEHIND IN VOTING FOR TAJ. If we are truth full about our riches of 300 million middle class (More than whole Europe population) why do not we go to Internet cafe to vote for TAJ. Why cannot we sponsor Rs 100 to pay for the people who do not have money to pay for Internet cafe charges so they can also vote for TAJ. Why cannot we give people our mobiles and ask them to SMS for TAJ. Just sponsor SMS's worth Rs 100 so those who are not on mobile ladder can vote for it. The BAI who cleans our utensils, our Sabji Wala, our Majdoor Bhaiyaa who cleans garden. This all multiplies 300 million to 1.2 billion.

Remember what present president of India Dr Abdul Kalam said. "Takatwar hi takatwar se baat karta hai". We must have sabse bada BUM, building, dam, missile, the best wonder of earth and of course SABSE BADA BAMBOO (MBM Style). Then only people will recognise us. Still keep in mind we do not fight. We are Gandhians. But not to have a recognisable deterrent would be utter foolish. Be non-violent but still give impression that you are strong and firm.

The message of being a GRAND NATION comes from having TAJ MAHAL on top of the list. Here I want to bring one thing to your notice. We cannot afford to loose. Either we should have had withdrawn out of race as Egyptians did for Pyramids or we have to win. Egyptians realised that lack of Internet and mobile users will put Pyramids behind. So their government put the Pyramids out of race because it was simply not a level playing field. But we made the second choice because Indian government was not Jagrook (conscious) enough. So we decided to take on the battle. Remember loosers will be prisoners of their conscience.

So go on and fight this Internet and mobile battle. We have the best monument in world. (by the way We have first 100 best monuments in world!). Government of India has its own inertia so I disagree that government should do anything. In India schools are run by private teachers in every corner of gali, provide the best students in world,our nook and corner hospitals provide excellent quick treatment, our street sports man on and off win some world class tournaments. So in summary we are very independent people with true (best) democracy who can make everything impossible to happen without government's help. So let us do it now!!!

VOTE FOR TAJ !!!!!!.

In last remember Gita, the driving force of life. Lord krishna said "do not bother about fruits, Karma is most important." Will you please do your Karma? I leave it upto you to decide what you should do and how you should do it.

See you soon in India on get together.

Courtesy By Amitabh Choudhary