Sunday, June 17, 2007

Amitabh Choudhary

We all have a common starting point. That is March, 1988 when out results were out.

I headed to Chittorgarh courtesy Padam dad. He had an acquaintance there and I landed a job there.Thanks to Padam (20 years belated!!! Anyway that is amitabh true Indian style.).

Month of Aug was very lucky, I ended up with 7 public sector jobs and I chose for BARC (DAE). Vivek Sanadhaya was also selected there and joined DAE. Stayed in Mumbai for a Dream year in Anushakti nagar. The only scary thing was too many people so I took transfer to Indore. I worked very hard as a scientist officer till 1997. Till 1996 luck kept on smiling and after that I fell out favour with the boss (All dirty politics) and decided to go for higher studies in 1997. I did M. Tech (electromagnetics) and came back in 1999 thinking to make a new beginning but rot had already set in.

DAE did not remain the holy place to serve nation, so I decided to resign in 2000. It was hard to resign because by then I was SO/E a reasonably senior position 7 years back and promotion was due immediately. But never look back, when you decide to move on.

Compromise with ideals was something I had never learnt.

I got offer from Philips Semiconductors (Now it is call NXP semiconductors), Netherlands, as Sr. RF and microwave design engineer and they promised complete relocation with family so I decided to take the chance. Things worked well here, good team work and above all very transparent environment. What surprises me about Netherlands is that they do not encourage any competition but whole focus is on team work. If you are not a team player, you are not a player! (how great you are doesn't matter.). Honesty and higher moral standards at work holds me here. Here at work, I have a feeling of someone wanted so I stick on.

For job security reasons I have taken Dutch citizenship but It pinches in my heart. By soul, I am always Indian and I will die Indian. I am getting old!!

Let me make an honest confession. I am becoming religious!!. I always thought I am master of my destiny but not anymore. I have made a complete u turn. Now Destiny is my master. I have stopped making any deliberate efforts to achieve a particular aim. I just work hard to finish what is on my hands. When it is done, something else comes on plate from destiny to work on.

Read inspiring profiles on following link for motivation (of course! they are all Indians)

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