Saturday, June 30, 2007

MBM History Linked With MBM Folks

1. By Aalok Jain

I am sure some of us are second generation MBM students.

My father's younger brother (Chacha) Sh. Sukhpal Singh was a graudate of Electrical Engineering from MBM the year I was born i.e. 1964. He has retired couple of years back as Chief Project Engineer from Rural Electrificatiosn Corporation.

Deepak Jain's father Sh. K. C. Jain also studied at MBM. Interestingly Deepak's father also retired from Rural Electrification. At the time of our admission at MBM, my uncle as well as Deepak's father were at Rural Electrification Corp Jaipur and thats how we stayed together for initial few years in college.

Another common thread between few of us, studied at Kendriya Vidhyalaya Bajaj Nagar Jaipur.

Me off course
Deepak Jain was 1 year junior to me
Rajiv Saxena was 1 year senior to me
Naveen Pilania was 2 years junior to me
I am forgetting one more name, unfortuntely he failed in first year at MBM and was in civil, as far as i know he is also an MLA in Rajasthan.

I would welcome more of our friends to share if more are second genration MBMites. Some of us like Himanshu had their siblings also in MBM, maybe few more.

2. By Devendra Gupta "lloyd"

Common thread from Alwar, studied at Happy Higher Secondary School and Raj Rishi College.

Ajay Agarwal (since class 6th)
Devendra Rustagi (he was in Happy school till class 8th, then moved to our school, his father Sh. K. K. Rustagi and my eldest uncle Sh. R. P. Gupta studied together)
Ashutosh Paliwal (I think he was 1 year senior to me)

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aalok said...

llyod bhai

i think u edited it. my uncle and deepak's father studied at mbm and not mrec